What Are Head Lice?

Head lice is found in children and adults of all socioeconomic classes. They are very contagious and can spread easily. While there is no reason to panic (head lice does not carry serious diseases). So taking action quickly is the best way to prevent the infestation to other family members. Head Lice Patrol is a quality mobile head lice removal company, specializing in organically removing lice and their eggs.


What are the Facts?
If we look at the facts presented over the years we learn that lice are a human condition and they have been around since the beginning of time. Lice do not discriminate between race, religion, class or age. They prefer well-kept hair as their ideal environment but they can certainly be found in unkept hair. One thing you can be sure of its that whenever large groups of people gather, especially children, lice have a better chance of spreading and multiplying. This is why many school, camps and day care centers experience periodic outbreaks, some on a larger scale than others. This does not make them responsible or to blame as it only takes one unsuspecting child with active lice to enter into a group or home to create an outbreak.


So often, the first reaction and response to this contagious condition is a step back, followed by fear, frustration, anger, shame and finger-pointing. Backs go up as the question begin. Who has it? What do I do now? When will it be gone? Where did I get it from and why me? I can answer these questions. I regularly hear news stories and read articles about the latest outbreaks, chemical\resistance issues, new cures, as well as stories that tug at the heart strings such as children being over exposed to toxic pesticides, girls having heads shaved and people trying remedies and myths with sometimes dangerous outcomes. No one wants to deal with lice and many will try whatever it takes to get rid of them. Let me help you and your family.


Head lice need to be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner; otherwise they will spread to others in a group or family. For many parents, head lice is a nightmare that will not go away no matter how many pesticidal applications are used, or howmuch house cleaning is done. Due to outdated and incorrect information about how to effectively treat and prevent head lice many parents face frustration, wasted time and undue expense.

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