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The Removal Process

Our treatment starts with separating the hair into sections, followed by the application of our 100% organic nit glue dissolver. We massage this dissolver directly onto scalp and saturate the hair up to two inches to penetrate throughout. This is left on for about five to ten minutes.

The next step is to use a nit free lice comb, running the teeth directly against the scalp in a scooping manner. We go through sections of hair thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.
The third step is an oil treatment, made up of a blend of essential oils that is applied all over the head and hair, fully saturating all strands from top to bottom. A shower cap is placed over the hair for approximately 30 minutes or longer.We recommend one hour or overnight for best results. Removal of the treatment is done by bending over sink or bathtub, draping a towel across shoulders, removing the shower cap, and thoroughly combing the hair clean with nit free lice comb in a scraping manner along the scalp. It is essential that all nits be completely removed at this stage.

            Lice repellent is then used as an additional measure to prevent                               re-infestation and is used daily when sending children to school or to play. This repellant is applied by spraying the hair or application with fingertips behind the ears or along the neckline. It is oil-based and a little goes a long way. Be vigilant and check for lice and nits even after use of this product, re-infestation may occur from an outside source.


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